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Southend Bikeathon, September 7th 2014

What a fantastic day.

670 riders, Sunshine, Round Table 106, All Hit Radio, The Comfy Saddle,
Essex Kitcar Club, Mazzy Bouncy Castles, JonAcc Ambulance.
A Fun Day enjoyed by all!

Many thanks to all our riders and volunteers for making this possible.

2014 T Shirt

southend bikeathon The T-Shirt Team

Southend Mayor, Cllr. Chris Walker and Mayoress Janet Walker
with the riders before they started the ride.

The T-Shirt Team

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Heather Dryden's Bikeathon pictures

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Top professional cyclist Alex Dowsett said:
"I have lost count of the number of helmets I have shattered in falls from bikes.
They are absolutely essential for all cycle users but still you see many people riding without them."

Southend Bikeathon

from above

By Mick Coulter

Did you see the helicopter?


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